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Nikos Vertis, Greece’s most beloved artist, will be making a splash with the Bouzoukia party in Romania on October 6th at the Sala Palatului. The multi-platinum award-winning artist will offer us in autumn, an extraordinary concert of Greek music.

The artist has been captivated by our country since the first year he performed in Romania, and he can’t wait to return to his Romanian fans:

“For me, Romania is like a second home. I am very impressed by the loyalty of the Romanian public, who have always hummed my songs for six years even if they don’t know the Greek language, which strengthens my beliefs that music is a universal language. I come back every time with great pleasure and it is precisely in this sense that for this year’s show I have prepared something special, exclusively for my fans here” says Nikos Vertis.

From Melbourne, Sydney, New York, and London to Tel Aviv Nikos Vertis have inspired audiences around the world with his Greek music and exquisite talent.

Greece’s beloved artist, with a fanbase from all around the world, has received a special gift from his Canadian Fans, where a street was named after him.

Nikos Vertis was born in the Netherlands and came to Greece at the age of six. He started playing the traditional Greek bouzouki at the age of seven, and a few years later he began to study singing. His unique style of mixing traditional Greek music with pop and dance has entitled him to be named: the “New Great Laïka Performer” and a worldwide ambassador of the Greek way of feeling expressed in music.

In his early career, he has performed in the clubs of Thessaloniki, and gradually the fame of the man who was becoming one of Greece’s finest voices spread throughout the country and brought him a contract with Universal Studios.

Songs from his first album, “Night comes too fast” (Poli Apotoma Vradiazei) quickly became hits, and Vertis wins the award for best debut.

The first single released by Vertis, “Tell Me Again” (Pes to mou xana) also goes platinum, as does Vertis’ next released album – “How I spend my evenings alone” (Pos Pernao Ta Vradia Monos)

Two platinum discs have also been awarded to this album and was one of the public favorites’. The sensitivity of the tracks on the fourth album of the Greek singer immediately became hits on the radio stations and stayed on the top charts for the whole 2007 summer.

The whole of Greece was humming along to just Nikos Vertis’ music. His fame has begun to spread beyond Greece and shortly after the artist began to perform on major stages in Australia, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Last year, the song ‘I Love You’ (S’Agapao) stayed on the air for many weeks as a number one hit in Greece, the song had Nikos Vertis’ own signature where he composed the music and lyrics. (S’Agapao) was very popular among younger audiences.

Lovers of Greek music in Romania will have the opportunity to meet the popular Greek singer again for the sixth consecutive time, this year in October when the artist will perform at the Sala Palatului.

As he said for this year the performer has prepared a special surprise, exclusively for Romanian fans.

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